24 APRIL 2019

Culture Centre:

Monday to Friday

8.30AM – 2.30PM

Closed Public Holidays

Jajjikari Cafe:

Monday to Friday

8.30AM – 1.30PM 

Closed Public Holidays


Nyinkka Nyunyu Art & Culture Centre is a place to explore the land, culture, history, language and art of the Warumungu people. The centre was created to preserve Warumungu culture, to share it with our visitors, and to protect the sacred site of the Nyinkka, a spiky-tailed goanna which is a powerful Wirnkarra or ancestral being.

Most sacred sites are in more remote locations, and remain more secret. This site is located right in town, alongside the main street, the Stuart Highway. If you look at the building from the carpark, you can see the head of the Nyinkka lizard rising up in greeting,welcoming you into the centre!

Nyinkka Nyunyu, established in 2003, is housed in award-winning gracefully curving buildings which feature stunning mud bricks made from local termite-mound. The centre is set in landscaped grounds depicting various formations of the surrounding landscape, everything from a bush soakage where water is found underground, to the dry creek-bed and plants that typically grow alongside waterways.

Our elders planned the grounds to teach visitors about the surrounding landscape, and ancient ways of survival. Visitors to our centre enjoy the opportunity to meet with local Aboriginal people, who make time for a chat and can help you to learn about Warumungu ways. Nyinkka Nyunyu staff are very proud ambassadors of their culture.


T: 08 7903 6020

E: nyinkkanyunyu@julalikari.com.au